Operating Room: Robotic and Digital Innovation

The iBird Project – Robotic and Digital Innovation Operating Room confirms the massive investment in technological innovation in the Operating Room, focused on the modernization and optimization of surgical procedures through the integration of advanced technology, making Hospital de Santo António the only public hospital in the country with the so-called “Intelligent Rooms”, where the transmission of surgery in real time is carried out by Karl Storz’s CollaboratOR 1, designed and installed by the Teprel team.

This system allows interoperability between all devices in the operating room, simultaneously displaying several images of the operation, thus increasing safety and comfort during surgery. It also allows the transmission of these surgeries online, to students, interns and other hospitals, facilitating the collection of opinions (two-way interaction on the screen).

The iBird resulted from a co-creation process of the people of the Centro Universitário de Santo António, designed in a think tank carried out with time protected from the Professionals, to reflect on “their” operating room of the future, held on 14-06-2021.


The Portugal Digital Awards are a joint initiative of Axians and IDC that seek to reward the excellence of organizations that lead to the digital transformation of their businesses, processes, products or services and, consequently, of society and that in its 8th Edition elected as one of the winners the iBird Project of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António.

It’s with pride that we announce another victory and the leading role that we increasingly assume in the transformation of health in Portugal.

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